Thursday, August 11, 2011

a mouthful

i traced your name
with my tongue
That Thursday soaked in rain water.
That same day when you almost
Successfully soffucate with with a kiss.
Damp as the cement road

I trembled at
The hint of your skin.
The whiteness of fingers
Caressing, cascading
I have never been this close. Really.
I wanted to tell you. 

Are you afraid?
You asked me.
I said no.

As you drew the air out of my lungs,
I gasped
I closed my eyes,

Slowly. Yes, slowly . like the moon changing its phase,

Passed through your lips,

Tongued a poetry
Inside your

let's kamown


  1. hahahah. kakaibang poetry about sa tongue

  2. Gumegenown lang talaga?? Bwahihihihihihi ... :D

  3. how beautifully written! nainsecure bigla ang mga tula-tulaan ko.. lol

  4. wow! this is a different one from you sir motmot... love it...


  5. next time, dalawa na tayong mababasa ng ulan habang ginagawa ang "a mouthful" :)) chaaar.

  6. the outline of my name
    by your tongue
    That Thursday drenched in rain
    That same day when I nearly
    Pinned you with my caress
    Inundating the pavements

    You shivered at
    The touch of my skin.
    The smoothness of my palm
    Longing, yearning
    The reciprocity
    For my tight embrace.

    Are you afraid?
    I asked you.
    You said no.

    As I breathed the air from your lungs,
    You gasped
    And closed your eyes,

    Carefully and gently,
    under the moon’s gaze

    You entered my soul,

    Spiked a tale
    Inside my



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