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"I guarantee you that once you check out his blog, you will be greatly humored by his comic strips and drawings that depict his life as an elementary school teacher. It’s not just the content itself but how he gives so much effort into creating these drawing to entertain the readers, and there are no pretensions whatsoever."

-Robbie Bautista ,The Creative Dork


"Teacher’s Pwet - 3 words: fun.light.cute."

-Chinky Madrona , Even Without Popcorn!


"Sabi ko sa huling post ko, gagawa ako ng listahan ng best Pinoy Blogs na aking minamanmanan lately. Haha. But I couldn't think of any blog na tatalo pa dito sa isang 'to na nakahuli sa ang kiliti bilang isang estudyante :)

Introducing Titser Mots na nagpakilalang '(nagpapaka-dakilang) teacher, (feeling)illustrator, (insekyur na) middle child, (madman na) madman' at author ng Teacher's Pwet - ang aking bagong tinitingalang pinoy blog na walang pakundangang naghahayag ng kanyang buhay bilang isang guro. Binudburan ng mga super cute exploited fez ng mga batam-batang estudyante (young minds na pag-asa ng bayan. *naks*) at mga cartoon illustrations kaya hindi lang sya masarap basahin, masarap din lang sya titigan. Truly endorphin-inducing na oh so good for your health pa:) Try nyo!

More powers to Teacher's Pwet! Weee! Makakaasa ka sa wagas na pagsubaybay ko :)"

-Nowitzki Tramonto, The [Helianthus} Project


"I love it when a blog is colorful and young just like teacher mot's pwet blog. The enthusiasm and easiness of this blog just keeps me reading it. I wonder how a teacher keeps up doing this kind of stuff because he remains awesome while a student like me struggles. I just wonder. "

-Paolo, The Small Town Boy


"Ang super cool and artistic na blog ni Teacher Mots. Nakakatawa ang mga kwento ng kanyang students with matching illustrations"

-Khantotantra, Kwatro Khanto


"Ang blog ni Motsmots, Teacher's Pwet (Deep Dark Kamote), ay masaya, makulay at ma-effort. Kitang-kita ang talent sa bawat post: may makalaglag-pangang drawing!!! Para ka lang nagbabasa ng comics, which is a relief matapos mo magbloghop sa mga blogs ng emoterong elephants at hifaluting hippopotamuses."

-Glentot, WickedMouth


"Teacher’s Pwet – A light and entertaining read, Mots’ blog is definitely where I am whenever I want a quick laugh or two."

-Fitz, The Thirsty Blogger


"eto lang nasabi ko nung una kong nakita ang blogsite nya.."BLOGSITE ba to? O ONLINE COMICS?"

Promise..yun talaga ang biglang naisip ko..Mas marami kasing larawan kesa sa teksto.Pero agad ko nasabing "ANG COOL NITO AH"..

Sobrang kulay ng mundo ni MOTMOT.Like litereal na makulay. Ang kyukyut ng mga larawan.At take note,sya lahat gumuhit at gumawa nun.San ka pa?  Infact, avid fan nya na ako.Ayssoooowwwssss..napuyat ako sa kakabasa at kakatingin sa blogsite nya.At sumakit ang tiyan ko kakatawa. Stress reliever ang blogsite nya. As in matutuwa talaga kayo.Tatawa kayo ng VONGGANG VONGGA!"

-eLGimikero, Ako si eLGimikero


"If you add one blog to your subscriptions this year, make it teacher's pwet by motsmots. it's a hilarious, heartwarming, inspiring webcomic about a the life of a "barrio teacher." i really can't recommend it enough. someone give this guy a book deal! someone invite him to komikon!"



"If you love doodling and good old comic humor, then here's the perfect blog for you. The blog's owner is a proud barrio teacher who translates well into comic humor whatever funky joke he has for his students and for readers everywhere. His doodles are so cute and something you might want to see in elementary textbooks more often. I bet he's a funky teacher. It's really admirable that he finds the time for these comic strips granted that teachers usually have tons and tons of work. Who doesn't miss their favorite school teacher? The ones who made us laugh through math and cry during literature, the ones who never failed to encourage us to do our best in academics or God forbid we spend our lives planting camote in the hills, the ones who came late for class, the ones who constantly hold emergency meetings, the ones who relentlessly share their boring imaginary life stories just to stress a point. Priceless."

-Eleigh Llaneras



"This blogger is a barrio teacher which literally puts colors into his readers’ worlds with his sketches of diurnal grade school adventures! If not about his grade one students, he talks about his mother’s fondness of Maja, his landlord and his independent life. He’s a great bookmark in my mostly text-heavy (no pictures) blog subscriptions!

Why I love his blog: Ultimately, I admire him for serving in the Philippines and extending his already stretched out patience with grade-school kids. His love for his craft—teaching and arts—is oozing in his sketches and write ups! He is also a supporter of other artist bloggers for joint projects which are posted in his famous website. And what a humble soul, he thinks his is ‘average’ against hallmark artists! But for me he is one of the best! I will always love his denial of being chubby and his red polo-barong! I wish him the best and hope he multiplies and win the Butihing Guro award very soon. :)"



  1. Sobrang funny ng mga blogs mo Teacher! Sagot sa mga malulungkot kong araw *drama*. Haha!

  2. So addictive! It's like I got a shot of heroine. I keep coming back for more! Cool! Idol kita!

  3. Teacher Mots, hinahanap ko ang inyong e-mail address. May itatanong po ako sa inyo na related sa inyong kagalingan sa pag-drawing. Ang aking e-mail ay dexterbautista@gmail.com.

  4. Teacher mots, katulad ni dexter ay hinahanap ko rin ang email address mo. may gusto lang akong itanong tungkol sa sinabi mo sa blog ko--tungkol sa INK. ito ang email add ko: conceptworx@gmail.com.


  5. Hi Mots!

    Ronibats here. The illustrations on your site are fantastic. Naaliw ako. Sana ganyan din ako kagaling mag-drawing. Hehe. I hope this school year turns out well for you! Have fun teaching the kids! Ako hanggang med students lang. Wala akong pasensya magturo sa mga bata. Hahaha. :)

    Anyway, was the email you used in my blog your real e-mail? Would like to ask something. Thanks!


  6. Teacher Mots,

    You never fail to amaze me, once I dream of being a teacher and an artist. And you have both, you inspire us :) keep on sharing your talent.

    More projects to come, good health and lifetime partner that is what I wish for you.
    Following your every post, love your photography specially the comics :)


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